Madness MES

9 years by Mayester, for scrolls version: 0.131.0, with a Score of 0
Deck as image (WIP)
2 17 9 14 3 5 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 New Orders x2
2 Spark x3
2 Magma Pack x2
2 Law Memorial x2
2 Overdrive x3
2 Iron Whip x3
2 Tool Initiate x3
2 Refined Strategy x1
3 Automata Forge x3
3 Machine Divinator x3
3 Oculus Cannon x3
4 Burn x3
4 Destroyer x3
4 Ether Pump x3
4 Blind Rage x2
4 Clock Library x3
5 Machine Chant x3
6 Thunder Surge x2
6 Violent Dispersal x3

This was a fun little deck i made quite a while ago, which i found out just recently was quite effective, it might look a bit strange at first, but it can pack quite a punch. With your win condition being the gun automatons being spawned from Automata forge and Oculus cannons that you buff with tool initates. Things can go mad quite quickly, using order utility scrolls to move your structures, (Mainly oculus cannons.) This deck plays quite a lategame combo in Destroyer iron whip and magma pack, which combined with tool initiate can clear 4 creatures out of nowhere. Note that this deck plays a bit differently from Mono Energy Structures, it can make your decisions quite difficult at times! (Also, this is not the deck i reccomend for ranked. Even though this is a much more "Competetive gimmicky deck," there are many more solid deck choices for competetive play, but this, in my personal opinion is one of the more fun decks to play. Have fun scrolldiers!

12% Creatures (6) 34% Structures (17) 44% Spells (22) 10% Enchantments (5)
94% Energy (47) 6% Order (3)