Waking Helm

7 years by ShareDVI, for scrolls version: 1.0.0, with a Score of 3
Deck as image (WIP)
9 17 18 6 0 0 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Summons x3
1 Resonant Helm x3
1 Beetle Stone x3
2 Crown of Strength x3
2 Thought Trap x3
2 Frost Wind x3
2 Plate Armor x3
2 Searing Shackles x3
2 Stifled Advance x2
3 Shrine x3
3 Waking Stones x3
3 Advantageous Outlook x3
3 Vigor Extraction x3
3 Infiltrate x3
3 Warding Stone x3
4 Pushback x3
4 Knight Scholar x3

This is pretty common Waking Stones trial deck (needs some modification for certain trials).


You should mulligan/restart the match until you get Waking Stones and|or Warding Stone in your starting hand (Ideally with some enchants & Summons) .


Then you choose 3 top/bottom lanes and play your WS there.


Raise your Order by 3-5 depending on board situation, then sac for cards only.


Resonant Helm/Crown of Strenth/Plate Armor (and, to an extent, Shrine) are cards you never sac and save for the WS to distribute evenly.


If everything is good, in the Midgame you have 3 Waking Stones with at least 2 of 3 enchants on each, 2-3 Shrines, 1-2 Knight Scholar. You would want 1-2 spaces behind the WS free for the Beetle Stone.


All spells you get are first of all, to delay killing your yet unbuffed WS with countdown increase, and secondly, healing resource for Resonant helm. If WSs are fully healed, think whether you need to use a spell or not.


If you get Searing Sharkles after WSs are secured, use it.


In the lategame, sack for Decay (3 decay + 3 wild is enough) and play your Beetle Stones.




- For Boss trials like Clean Swipe & Three Arbaleisters, throw out Searing Sharkles, Kabonk, Thought Trap, Infiltrate, Pushback. Replace it with Magnetizers, Divine Mark, Eager Scryer&Mystic Altar for draw, Forbidden Ruins, Blightbearer. Leave Stiffled Advance for Eager Scryer.

6% Creatures (3) 24% Structures (12) 42% Spells (21) 28% Enchantments (14)
88% Order (44) 12% Decay (6)