7 years by 8bitfusion, for scrolls version: 1.0.0, with a Score of 1
Deck as image (WIP)
16 17 5 9 3 0 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Junkyard x3
1 Ragged Wolf x1
1 Vaettr of the Wild x3
1 Mangy Rat x2
1 Beast Rat x2
1 Scavenger Construct x2
1 Erode x3
2 Kinfolk Brave x3
2 Mire Curse x1
2 Pestis x3
2 Stag Heart x3
2 Sister of the Fox x2
2 Appurtenance x2
2 Culling the Flock x1
2 Fjords of Vigor x2
3 Crimson Bull x1
3 Earthborn Keeper x2
3 Terrene Brute x2
4 Fertile Soil x1
4 Essence Feast x2
4 Rat King x3
4 Earthen Mirth x3
5 Rallying x2
5 Quake x1




The Plague deck relies heavily upon early board control, thriving against opponents who play an early structure.



The first hand in this game is one of the most important to this deck. A vaettr first hand is a godsend, but don't be afraid to draw a new hand  if it lacks a kinsfolk brave or a rat king. I sacrifice a hand if it only has one or less of those 3 and lacks a beast rat.


Turn 2/3:

Typically a quiet turn. If a Vaettr was played turn 1, then it is likely best to drop a Junkyard or an Earthborn Keeper in preparation for a Rat King next turn. Otherwise, those are still solid options, but don't look to empty your hand of spells on a single creature. If the opponent has a structure in play, try to play an erode on this turn.


Turn 3/4: 

The Rat King turn: Be sure to drop a Rat King as early as possible, and prioritize not using them as cheap structures. If an Earthborn Keeper is on the field, clear the opponent's units! Otherwise, be sure that the rats survive at least several more turns.


Turn 5 and Beyond:

This deck succeeds if it can either dominate the board with Rats, or buff up a 1 countdown creature such as the Kinsfolk Brave or the Earthborn Keeper to keep the opponent at bay. Use Appurtenance on such creatures or any others that absolutely need to survive. The Wild resource gained from replenish can be used to drop a Scavenger Construct or a Pestis. 



These cards are meant to surprise the opponent to flip the game in your favor!


Essence Feast: Got those 3 Rats from the Rat King 2 turns earlier buffed with a Junkyard? Surprise the enemy, and double your 6 damage to 12 to cleanly eliminate an idol!

Culling The Flock: Got a pesky friend who won't stop buffing that Gallant Defender of his? Sack a rat buffed by the Junkyard to unleash chaos on the board!

Pestis: The most important card in the deck. Prioritize to play this on a turn that your unit will kill an opponent creature, and reap the rewards! Keep your pestis units in the back and alive for as long as possible!

Quake: Ever wanted a reset button?


Hope you enjoy it!


34% Creatures (17) 10% Structures (5) 32% Spells (16) 24% Enchantments (12)
84% Growth (42) 16% Decay (8)