8 years by Fudge, for scrolls version: 1.0.0, with a Score of 3
Deck as image (WIP)
5 15 14 12 4 0 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Leeching Ring x1
1 Ragged Wolf x2
1 Vaettr of the Wild x2
2 Kinfolk Brave x3
2 Bloodboil x3
2 Champion Ring x2
2 Machination Mindset x3
2 Vengeful Vaettr x2
2 Slayer Vestige x2
3 Crimson Bull x3
3 Wildling x3
3 Noaidi x3
3 Crone x2
3 Earthborn Mystic x3
4 Fertile Soil x1
4 Oak Blood x2
4 Verdant Veil x3
4 Wetland Ranger x3
4 Striped Fangbear x3
5 Rallying x2
5 Great Wolf x2

This deck is designed to give you options options options.  Rarely do I find myself in a position where I can't do something on each turn to improve my board presence.  I find myself using utility scrolls on the creatures who are about to attack to try and take out targets as often as possible.   Ideally though, you want to create a Ward/Relentless Wildling idol wrecker.   Nothing will frustrate your opponent more than trying to defend yourself from this thing.  Until then, you can put together a strong board in short time, even without this combo.   If the Wildling combo doesn't come out at all, or until it does, you can use your utility scrolls on the other creatures for a very utilitarian deck. 


You'll have to play this out to get used to how it works, and carefully plan the order in which you play your scrolls until you're familiar with the Replenish effect.  And get used to sacrificing the other colored scrolls for resources when you aren't prepared to use them.


I think the effectiveness of this deck comes from having several scrolls that maximize the "per-scroll value"  For instance, Vaetters who give you extra resouces either temporarily, or permanently, this effect can help give you a boost.  Next are the Replenish cards.  Noaidi and Bloodboil.  Not only are these useful on their own, but the Replenish effect will allow you to add even more value to your board in the form of a relentless or slayer unit.


You also have to be careful about putting too many eggs in one basket.  If you use all your scrolls to buff up one character, and lose it, you'll find yourself in trouble.  Think about stacking your side of the board and if you happen to get an idol wrecking relentless Wildling out, then good on ya!


Ideal first hand would have a Vaetter of the Wild, Noaidi, and a Wildling/Earthborn Mystic/or Vengful Vaetter.  This gives you a very strong board with 3 creatures out on turn 2.   Keep playing resources, and/or let your Vengful Vatter go to work on idols, while you stack your board.  This deck plays well with 4 resources, but I'll take it to 5 usually.  At 6 resources, you can drop all kinds of combos, especially when you get Bloodboil or Noaidi out, with their Replenish effect. 


I've included a couple copies of a Decay Slayer Vestige here, because the Slayer effect is a nice surprise for taking out big/Armored units.  Of course, you can substitute anything you like here, but an unexpected Slayer Vestige gets some surprising reactions.   Sometimes this unit can take the heat off your Wildling, making it a target for removal.


The pinacle of this deck is to use the Wild resources from Noaidi/Bloodboil to drop your Machination Mindset on your Wildling.   Naturally, this makes the Wildling a huge target for removal, which is why I've included Verdant Veil, to give her Ward, and a little health.   I've played with Untainted for this purpose, but I've found the extra health bonus to Wildiling to be key.  This allows you to drop units near her to trigger her effect, giving her an attack buff.   If you can get a Bloodboil and an Oak Blood out, then you basically only have to protect her from Slayer units.  She is susceptible to Frost Wind, and other area of effect cards to slow her down.  At this point, I just try to stack chump blockers in front of her while she plows through idols. 


Another key to this deck is the Earthborn Mystic.  She buffs your other players who have an enchantment.  This is arguably one of the highest value cards in the entire game.  She's a great blocker (sounds like this will be getting nerfed soon), her effect to draw an enchantent is amazing, and at a countdown of two, is often in the right place at the right time for attacks. Stack her with Bloodboil, and she goes from defensive to offensive in short time.  If all that isn't enough, then she will give +1 attack to all your other units who have an enchantment (which will be a lot of them with this deck!). 


If you can't  pull off the Wildling combo, then you have all sorts of utilities to buff up your other characters.  Bloodboil on a Striped Fangbear, or Greatwolf gives you a big relentless creature who's a bit slower than the Wildling, but very effective just the same.  


I find myself using Noaidis as chump blockers, They sort of pay for themselves to help get your other color scrolls out, but with an Oak Blood on one in the front of the line, you've got a big defender. 


Leeching Ring started with only one in the deck, but I've found it to be useful in several ways, especially on creatures with Bloodboil.  The other day I dropped it on my Vengeful Vaetter who kept pumping out resources for me turn after turn.   On your wildling, you can drop creatures next to her every turn to pump up her attack while Leeching Ring heals her up.  It's also great on your bear and Great Wolf. 


Experiment and switch out what works for you.  Let me know what you come up with, so we can all improve on this deck.  


I find it a bit difficult to omit the Kinfolk Veteran on a Growth deck that goes to 5 resources.  So let me know what you would switch around to include this.



60% Creatures (30) 12% Spells (6) 28% Enchantments (14)
6% Energy (3) 90% Growth (45) 4% Decay (2)