Tempo Order Echoes

8 years by darkdisciple, for scrolls version: 1.3.1, with a Score of 0
Deck as image (WIP)
12 15 13 7 3 0 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Blessing of Haste x3
1 Focus x3
1 Aging Knight x3
1 Resonant Sword x3
2 Pother x3
2 Roasted Bean Potion x3
2 Reversal x3
2 Ducal Infantryman x3
2 Scout x3
3 Decimation x3
3 Royal Skirmisher x3
3 Wings Sorceress x2
3 Wings Shield x3
3 Proud Mercenary x2
4 Wings Captain x2
4 Reloras, Lord Knight x2
4 Ducal Skirmisher x3
5 Royal Vanguard x3


The first ranked deck I ever played, more or less. Updated after echoes to include Proud Merc, Scout, and Res. Sword. This deck got me to 1500 pretty easily, and holds its own in a favorable meta. I've been toying with some other options, but this is the layout that has worked the best so far.


Deck Function

Pretty standard to Tempo Order. Get creatures on the field, buff them to ungodly sizes, and secure a board advantage long enough to win. Typically early you want to decide if you're going to be able to hold early board against your opponent or not. If you've got a creature for your first 3 plays, I tend to go for it against anything but growth. If I have a Shield for my third turn, then I'll even take on growth. Otherwise, I'm playing passivley, trying to get creatures on the board until I have the ability to trade favorably.


Skirmishers are the main workhorse for trading. Most of the deck revolves around having ways to clear out opponent rows with a buffed Skirmisher. RBP and Wings Cap are great for positioning a skirmisher favorably, and Res. Sword, Proud Merc, Infantryman, Focus, Reloras, and Vanguard all make a Skirmisher capable of wiping out entire rows with a single attack. I typically will keep my skirmishers towards the back, as while they do have more health than some, they're also more important than most of the other pieces.


I run Sorceress to deal with any sort of poison or buff decks. It's great situationally, and if it isn't needed, it's still a 3/2/3 that can take care of spiky things.

58% Creatures (29) 36% Spells (18) 6% Enchantments (3)
100% Order (50)