7 years by SarikTheSorcerer, for scrolls version: 1.3.1, with a Score of 0
Deck as image (WIP)
9 15 9 6 3 0 3 5 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Ragged Wolf x3
1 Powerbound x3
1 Aging Knight x3
2 Gravehawk x3
2 Untainted x3
2 Wings Warder x3
2 Soldier's Bond x3
2 Ducal Infantryman x3
3 Waking Stones x3
3 Wings Shield x3
3 Pack Fowl x3
4 Ducal Skirmisher x3
4 Aes Moran Scholar x3
5 Royal Vanguard x3
7 Imperial Resources x3
8 Cay, Royal Envoy x3
8 Coronation x2

The first thing you want to do is claim board presence with the many defensive units. Waking stones, wings shield, gallant defender. Anything you can do to keep the board on lock down. You'll want to get to at least one idol down and 7 order.

Next you'll want to start setting up your combo. In this decks it's untainted, coronation, and either gravehawk or ducal skirmisher. Of course you can throw coronation on many units but relentless units work best. You can use pack fowl or soldiers bond to surprise your opponent two get to the cost of untainted. you can also sack up to it. Ragged wolf is a great one drop to surprise your opponent too!

Now that you have the combo ready you need to think about your opponent and what they have. Coronation is a big play here. It will completely change the pace and headspace of both players. You cannot put that queen in danger even if it means playing defensively for 8 more turns. Your opponent is now looking for a way to kill your queen. If you want to play dangerous i recommend a card like callback. It's a cheap out and takes up deck space but it can work in a pinch.


P.S. If you cant set up your combo in time try swaping out a wings warder for another coronation. I like having my 4 health ward walls, but I understand some people might find the combo hard to complete.


    I have no idea what i did to the text... sorry lol.

    66% Creatures (33) 6% Structures (3) 6% Spells (3) 22% Enchantments (11)
    18% Growth (9) 82% Order (41)