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Achievements (44/85)

  • Win 1 match

    Win any match

  • Win 5 matches

    Win five matches of any type

  • Win 10 matches

    Win ten matches of any type

  • Win 20 matches

    Win twenty matches of any type

  • Win 50 matches

    Win fifty matches of any type

  • Win 100 matches

    Win hundred matches of any type

  • Respect your elders

    Completed the Scrolls tutorial

  • Getting creative

    Create your first custom deck

  • Judgement day

    Create your first Judgement deck

  • Handshake

    Perform a successful trade with another player

  • Nice threads

    Customised your avatar

  • A new challenger

    Complete you first Trial

  • Getting experienced

    Complete five Trials

  • Dedicated

    Complete 10 Trials

  • What's next?

    Complete 20 Trials

  • Welcome to the ladder

    Played your first Ranked match

  • Cheap and cheerful

    Purchased a single scroll from the store

  • Bargain hunter

    Purchased a 10 pack of scrolls from the store

  • Brand loyalty

    Purchase a single random scroll for a specific faction

  • Discerning customer

    Purchased a scroll from the 'Just for you' section of the store

  • Vanity calls

    Purchased an avatar set/piece from the store

  • Statty

    Craft a tier 2 scroll

  • Shiny

    Craft a tier 3 scroll

  • Beginner's collection

    Own at least 60 different scroll types

  • Branching out

    Own at least 120 different scroll types

  • Gathering power

    Own at least 180 different scroll types

  • Caller's library

    Own at least 240 different scroll types

  • Top 10,000

    Reach the top 10000 in the rankings

  • Top 5000

    Reach the top 5000 in the rankings

  • First Judgement win

    Won one match with a Judgement deck

  • Hard hitter (Easy)

    Hit an idol for at least 10 damage in one hit against Easy AI

  • Smashing (Easy)

    Win a game by destroying all five of your opponents idols against Easy AI

  • Friendly

    Typed GLHF into the chat on your first turn (or 'GL HF', 'GL, HF', 'GL & HF', any of those followed by other text)

  • Good sport

    Typed GG into chat after a defeat (optionally followed by other text)

  • Sit back and relax

    Spectated a live game

  • Purity

    Win a game with a single resource deck

  • Diversity

    Win a game using a multi-resource deck

  • Resourceful

    Reach 10 of the same resource in a game

  • Conservative

    Win a match without exceeding 5 resource count

  • Quick win

    Win a multiplayer match in less than 20 turns

  • Don't call it a comeback

    Lose two idols, then come back to win a game

  • Gluttonous

    Reach 15 of the same resource in a game

  • Stampede

    Win a multiplayer match in less than 15 turns

  • Blazingly fast

    Win a multiplayer match in less than 10 turns


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  • 138963

Match data

  • Games played
  • Games Won
  • Games Lost
  • Ranked Won
  • Judgment Won
  • 328
  • 204 (62.2%)
  • 124
  • 0
  • 2

General Data

  • Gold
  • Scrolls
  • Donor
  • Guild
  • 54
  • 823
  • no :(
  • No

Trophies / Badges

    • Admin of scrolldier
    • Scrolldier Beta user
    • Have made a scroll in the scroll designer

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