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Trophies / Badges

    • Scrolldier Beta user
    • Have made a scroll in the scroll designer

Decks by alvarpq

Score Name Type
5 Irva Gives Directions-Garbled!
2 All Hail Queen Nuru
1 Going Manual-Winding Up Some Madness (Echoes Automatons)
0 Tempo Owl-Your Favorite
1 Caravans LGO (echoes)
1 Irva Direction-Moratorium!?
1 Somata to Battle
1 Pillage Aggro
7 Irva Gives Directions-Ceramic Cannons
3 GE Pillage
1 Tempo Owl
0 Cheap Tempo
0 Log!?
0 MER (no removal)

Fan Art Made: